Source Mini

So, you think vegetarian and vegan food is all about undercooked rice and overcooked broccoli? Forget that! For years now the Bay Area has enjoyed the fresh, innovative and always delicious vegetarian menu devised by the chefs at the original Source restaurant. Now, Berkeley residents don't have to cross the bridge to fill up on our healthy food. Source Mini provides our customers with our favorite Source menu items, all cooked with the same verve and exuberance they expect!

Here at Source Mini, we take enormous pleasure in designing menu items that make our customers forget they're not eating meat. Our dishes include "moo," "cluck," and "oink" that will make your sandwich or meatless burger taste as rich and satisfying as any you've ever had. That's not to say we don't love vegetables--we do! Check out our grilled, brick-oven pizzas topped with roasted veggies, our gorgeous salads and our vegetable-packed entrees. Fries are vegetables, too: Don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Our customers go nuts for our Source fries. We let you choose the sauce--Asian plum peanut, creamy garlic, tahini and more--AND the salt! Once you taste our homemade fries with smokey chipotle salt, you may be spoiled for life.

More About Us!

Compliment your meal with one of our vibrational, multi-dimensional elixirs. Designed to heal your body and soul and stimulate your mind, our elixirs use flower remedies, plant extracts, crystals and more to focus on a particular chakra. We also offer organic beers and wines for those whose chakras don't need any help!

Life is not complete without dessert, however. Have a taste of our dairy-free cheesecake, an icy Snowball or a divine Twinkee made of cream and sponge cake, and your meal will end as wonderfully as it began.

Besides our creative recipes and innovative approach to vegetarian food, our secret is in the freshness of our ingredients. Everything we serve is crispy fresh, personally selected, seasonal and organic. Our menu is designed to stimulate all your senses and revive you in every dimension. Come to Source Mini and let us introduce you to a whole new way of eating.